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[News] Gamer Charities: Press Paws Show in February and Other Recent Events


[News] Gamer Charities: Press Paws Show in February and Other Recent Events


We gamers know how to raise money for charity and have a blast in the meantime. Whether it’s gaming ’til we drop on a live stream, accepting challenges from donors, or just selling some art, gamers have recently been raising all kinds of money for some worthy causes.

Most recently, the World of Warcraft community raised an incredible over 2.3 million dollars for Hurricane Sandy relief, and the whole thing was conducted in-game with a special pet as the incentive to donate. The “adoption fee” for Cinder Kitten was minimum US$10 and 100% of the proceeds went to the Red Cross.

Another recent, equally impressive effort was put forth by SDA called Awesome Games Done Quick in which runners (basically super nerds that beat games really fast) played on a live stream for money based on user-generated challenges, and they pulled in over 400 thousand dollars. This money was raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and the gaming marathons ran for a full week. The runners participate in charity events like this throughout the year, so there are plenty of opportunities to watch them blast through your favorite games.

Upcoming on February 9th we’ve got Press Paws, which is taking place in Alhambra, California (via Joystiq). You could donate online and all proceeds go to a local animal rescue, but if you happen to be in the area you could buy rad art over at the Gallery Nucleus. At the time of writing, despite the actual event being almost a month away, the project is 55% funded with a total goal of approx. $3,000. If you hit up the event, there’ll be animals-in-games-themed artwork to be bought and you’ll have helped an animal in need.

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