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[Featurama] The Games of the Future


[Featurama] The Games of the Future

This being the entertainment industry, hype is everything. It’s what feeds us day in and day out. So with the new year now a reality, there are many games in the pipeline that make us froth uncontrollably at the mouth in excitement and something needs to be done about it.

To celebrate 2013, we’ve gathered together to produce a list of our most anticipated upcoming titles.  Read on to find out what we’re looking forward to and sound off in the comments with your game of the future.

Muaz Zekeria’s Game of the Future:

Grand Theft Auto V

Since we were all supposed to explode in fire and glitter last year, it’s hard not to look forward to another year and for that alone 2013 is already shaping up to be a great year. The biggest game coming out this year in my eyes would have to be Rockstar’s return to San Andreas with Grand Theft Auto V.

I’ve always held that GTA: San Andreas was the best GTA game to date, and I’m hopeful that returning to the Los Angeles counterpart with current gen technologies will put this new game on the open world mountaintop.


Tim Li’s Game of the Future:

Rome II: Total War

The Total War series contains some of my favorite games of all time. The real-time, tactical battles are unlike any other strategy game out there, allowing the player to control armies of thousands of individual soldiers on a single battlefield. There is no sense of satisfaction like watching an epic, victorious battle of your own careful orchestration. The original Rome: Total War was the game that got me into the franchise, and with good reason. Not only did it introduce the scale that is the hallmark of the series, it was filled with historical nuances that made it feel authentic.

Besides modernizing graphical quality, Rome II plans to expand upon every area of what made these games great by focusing on scale. The player can experience the battle through the perspective of a single soldier, as well as an overhead view which can let the player see their whole army in motion. The ability to land soldiers on the field off ships are also an exciting addition, one of many that will make campaigning in Rome fresh again.

Matthew Stevens’ Game of the Future:

Bioshock Infinite

My most anticipated game of 2013 has to be Bioshock Infinite. While I know that is going to be a cliche answer over the next week or 2, its one of the only games that I already have an eye out for and will be buying day 1 regardless of cost. Coming from a guy that never buys a game on day 1, what with the patches, bugs and initial sticker shock of a AAA release; that should speak volumes here.

The teasers that we’ve all seen appear to show off a vibrant and colorful world which is a stark departure from the color and water filled worlds that this franchise is used to and that’s a great thing just by itself. With a seemingly deeper story and a promised ending that is revolutionary teamed up with the solid gameplay, I don’t think there is going to be a better put together game coming in 2013 that has been announced already.

Now that the setting has changed, the characters are brand new and the evil pure and vile, I am as excited as ever to jump in and shoot some suckas.

Andres Ruiz’s Game of the Future:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing is the kind of game that you can’t just explain to someone. “You talk to animals, plant flowers, and shakes trees to raise money to pay off your mortgage.” It doesn’t sound like the most exciting game, but holy shit those games are addicting. The upcoming installment is actually the reason I will finally be getting a 3DS. There are just some games you can’t miss out on, and I refuse to miss out on being the mayor or my own town and swimming around.

Yeah, trust me. That’s a big deal.

I have spent days playing all of these games and it’s only more exciting to see changes to a tried and true formula that actually looks wonderful. Also, those animals are so goddamn adorable. In all, it’s such a simple concept and yet there is so much more to this series than at first glance.

Kristina Pino’s Game of the Future:

The Cave

The Cave is created by Ron Gilbert and Double Fine, which is pretty much all of the reason I needed to want to jump in. I love adventure games in general, and playing a few average-to-mediocre ones in 2012 (Deponia and Chaos on Deponia) made me long for something truly great, which I am confident these dudes will deliver with The Cave. It was a tough decision to pick just one title to be most happy about, especially with strong contenders like Ni No Kuni on the horizon, 2013 is shaping up to be another great year for gaming.

Yamilia Avendaño’s Game of the Future:


In an answer that shocks no one, I’m looking forward to SimCity this year. I managed to get my hands on it at PAX Prime and it was simply amazing. I’ve never been much of a fan of SimCity games, but since my favorite genre is becoming sort of barren in recent years, I’m definitely anticipating it. The tutorial I played through showed off that the core mechanics fans are used to are still here, but they’ve tweaked it enough to make it a much more gratifying experience.

I’m just really excited for the ability to get feedback directly from inhabitants, as well as the multiplayer mechanics that will have me sabotaging other cities around mine. I’m looking forward to spending hours upon hours juggling the politics that will come with running a thriving city. Or I could, you know, just burn it all to the ground.

Mike Eaton’s Game of the Future:

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

2013 is looking to be a year full of exciting PC games. The recent financial troubles over at THQ have caused no small amount of concern as two of my most anticipated titles, Metro: Last Light and Company of Heroes 2, have been delayed with no firm release date set. Thankfully, Ubisoft seems to be cranking out games right on schedule which means that my favorites series should be getting its latest installment some time in 2013.

I’ve always been a huge Splinter Cell fan and I appreciate that with each new game they’re not afraid to tinker with the formula and provide a new experience. Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks to be no exception. The gameplay is more fluid and action-oriented, like in Conviction, but from the demo the missions and story appear to call back to the first three titles. Not every game in the series has been a home run to be sure, but Ubisoft has never failed to deliver a fun and unique stealth experience with Splinter Cell. Here’s hoping Blacklist continues that tradition.

Christopher Hadlock’s Game of the Future:

Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection

About 2 years ago you would have found me citing something like Bioshock Infinite as the obvious game of the future and it most likely will be. Yet right now I am actually more excited for this little under the radar title from Idea Factory, of all people.  Now, usually Idea Factory does not equate to something I’m particularly excited for.  It’s Idea Factory.  They make great ideas, not great games.  Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection is such a generic name that I half fell asleep typing it out.

Really, it is the 6th game in the Generation of Chaos series. What could be intriguing about after 5 games?

Well, they ripped the game out of Neverland’s hands and threw it in to a developer that’s been doing Strategy RPGs since the Super Nintendo.  Sting is in charge of this and if there is one thing Sting does well, it makes unique Strategy RPGs that actually work. Conceptually fully operational games are almost the opposite of what Idea Factory is known for.  Sting however can’t write an exciting story line to save their lives and that’s where Idea Factory comes in.  The devs over at Idea Factory make a living off their crazy ideas so this pairing is much more interesting than it really should be.

Sure it’s not as safe of a bet as Bioshock will be, but safe isn’t what I’m looking forward to for 2013. I look forward to an RTS game that pits you against cat wizards. Cat wizards. Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection is the game I can’t wait to get my hands on for some reason. I’m excited for it and I don’t care if I’m the only one.

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