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[Featurama] Twinfinite’s Game of the Year! Everyone Freak Out!


[Featurama] Twinfinite’s Game of the Year! Everyone Freak Out!

It’s time. Time to announce our Game of the Year for Twinfinite as a whole. Seeing as we have such a wealth of writers with different tastes and preferences, it would be nearly impossible to come to an agreement about a singular Game of the Year. Instead, we decided to turn to the almighty power of The Maths. Using a weighted scale that takes into account the positioning of games in our writers’ Top 5 lists, we’ve come up with the most widely-loved game. Twinfinite’s 2012 Game of the Year goes to…



Even with all of the ruckus the fans created over its ending, Mass Effect 3 was able to rise above everything to become Game of the Year. Boasting the best gameplay the series has ever seen and story threads that both tickle nostalgia from games past and tug at your heartstrings, Mass Effect 3 really is a full package. It was the only game I stood in line for at a midnight release this year and was the very definition of an “event game.” Talking with friends about it was some of the most memorable conversation that I’ve personally had all year. Though it didn’t make my personal Top 5 list due to this year’s crazy amount of quality releases, Mass Effect 3 is more than worthy of being crowned Game of the Year. Better luck next year, Walking Dead and XCOM: Enemy Unknown! They’ll still be eligible, right?

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