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[News] Two New Videos Out To Hype Up Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns


[News] Two New Videos Out To Hype Up Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns


Siliconera reports that a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns debuted over at Jump Festa and Square Enix even released a second, shorter video titled “The Final Journey of Lightning.”

Though the Lightning Saga seems to have divided fans and critics, I’ll just come out and say that I’m in the camp that’s excited for the finale. Rex seemed slightly dubious of the new entry back when he wrote up the game’s announcement, but since then we’ve seen an interview on 4Gamer with Motomu Toriyama that sheds a little more light on what we can expect.

In the interview, he explains that Lightning is in play for the last 13 days before the end of the world. The time could be extended by fulfilling certain requirements, beating certain bosses, etc. We also learn that it’ll take more than one playthrough to see every in-game event, which is the one bit that makes me a little dubious since the last few entries in the Final Fantasy series have been rather long.

If each “day” is, per se, one hour in Earth time.. I’d say there’s some great replay value there for the completionists while making the game “short” enough for everyone else to enjoy it and move on. This last point is important, as it was mentioned in a previous portion of the interview (by Theathrhythm‘s producer) that Lightning Returns is designed to be different from the first two entries and playable by anyone regardless of whether they played through the first two games. It was also emphasized that your decisions and actions will have different effects on the in-game characters, worlds, etc. to the point that every play through should be a unique experience.

Check out both of the released videos below the cut! Also be sure to comment on your thoughts regarding the game’s premise and direction. It reminds me a bit of the Mass Effect series — you’ll have enough choices that each playthrough could be a different experience, despite the definitive ending.

Official Trailer:


The Final Journey of Lightning:


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