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[News] Teaser for Slender: The Arrival…Arrives?


[News] Teaser for Slender: The Arrival…Arrives?


I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

The horror sensation that swept the internet Slender has an updated sequel ready to scare you once more with its minimalist, hunter in the woods design. The game based on the popular internet offspring Slenderman sees release sometimes next year. Unlike the freeware predecessor, the sequel is improved in almost all aspects and will be a commercial release. The only constant is the same lone horror that stands in your way to freedom…but then again is escape even possible?

Personally, I never really understood why so many people were so scared of this game…that is until some jerks decided to put up those pieces of paper scribbled with the mad scrawlings of the original Slender game all over the woods in my backyard. Truly terrifying I tell you.

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