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[News] Pre-Order Dead Space 3 and Scalp ONE. HUNDRED. NACROMORPHS.


[News] Pre-Order Dead Space 3 and Scalp ONE. HUNDRED. NACROMORPHS.

Attention Dead Spacers, (I don’t know what to call you) Visceral Games and EA have announced some pretty nice deals to go along with your pre-order of the anticipated Dead Space 3 GameStop and Amazon only. If you choose to put your grass-cutting allowance toward the game, you’ll get one weapon per store of choice.

  • Amazon is offering the Tesla Enervator, a gun that shoots dangerous amounts of electricity which is capable of molecular destabilization.
  • Meanwhile, GameStop is including the EG-900 SMG with its pre-orders. The sub machine gun is, well, a sub machine gun, except this one is built for the urban environment.

Especially since the lot of you are going to buy the game anyway, why not get a little something extra along with it? Dead Space 3 arrives on February 5th here in the states and the 8th in Europe. Pre-order today.


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