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[News] Oni Press Has a Groupees Bundle


[News] Oni Press Has a Groupees Bundle

Well here’s a new bundle that’s somewhat interesting.  Groupees is running a special bundle (because they are the special bundle people of course) that is coupling comic books together.  This screams promotional event, but what you get is something quite interesting. For only $1 you can purchase issues 1-4 (issue 5 unlocks at 500 sales) of Secret History of D.B. Cooper by Brian Churilla.  For the low low price of $5, you get the Guerillas first volume on top of that. Mathematically, that’s 296 digital pages of comics for $5 which is not bad.

Both digital copies are in that sweet .pdf downloadable format which saves Oni a bit on printing.  The comics do have a pretty interesting premise.  Guerillas is the harrowing tale of a platoon of soldiers in the Vietnam War who stumble across a simian counter force. It has a certain charm to it. Not much more interesting than gun wielding apes.

Okay, now if you read that description and thought it was the quirky one of the group, no. Secret History of D.B. Cooper is bananas. Here we have a D.B. Cooper story about the CIA using psychotropic hallucinogens on Cooper as a means of waging war on the Soviets as a psychic assassin. This all somehow devolves in to the infamous plane hijacking and disappearing act that made the man the most infamous.

You can buy the bundle now at the Groupees website, but I ask you to please click that donate to charity button to get some toys for sick kids this holiday.

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