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[News] Mega Man Gets a 25th Anniversary Game From the Fans


[News] Mega Man Gets a 25th Anniversary Game From the Fans

Okay, while it might not be a big Capcom announcement concerning Mega Man, this might be something just as good.  Mega Man is all but missing from the collective minds at Capcom and every project Keiji Inafune did work on that would have been released recently has been long burnt to the ground.  That likely means that besides silly games like Mega Man Xover, we likely won’t be getting anything worth getting in the near future.  Seeing as how it’s Mega Man’s 25th and that is something to celebrate, the fans are working hard on something.

Team Reaverbot has just revealed their preliminary trailer for the Blue Bomber’s freshest new fan game.  In a pleasantly surprising twist, this seems to connect the two worlds of Mega Man and Mega Man Legends by pitching the main bosses as the Bonne family.  With only two stages shown so far, we can only guess how the rest will play out.  This however shows some promise and looks to have some nice touches that could make this an interesting game to play through.

Just check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

A preview of the build will release on the 17th of December and the game has been worked on since August.

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