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[News] Little Racers STREET is Free on Desura


[News] Little Racers STREET is Free on Desura

Little Racers STREET was a surprisingly good Xbox Live Indie Game for cheap.  Costing only $1, it was a really good deal.  Milkstone had ported the game to PC via Desura and were hoping for a Steam Greenlight.  With the third round of Greenlight games being greenlit, the studio has gotten fed up. “Don’t wait for a Steam Greenlight that will never arrive” the company said via twitter.

So now they are offering up their fun little top down racer for free on Desura. Currently the multiplayer is in beta, but for the low price of nothing, you can pick up one of the best XBLIG racers for your PC.

Download Little Racers STREET now.

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