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[News] Killing Floor’s Twisted Christmas 2012 Event is Live


[News] Killing Floor’s Twisted Christmas 2012 Event is Live


I’m a little late to the party, but team-based survival shooter Killing Floor launched their Twisted Christmas 2012 event on the 11th. This annual holiday event has you tracking Evil Santa to his Moonbase, an all-new map where you will encounter waves of Christmas-themed Zeds (mutated humanoids/monsters) in low-gravity. New weapons including a sub-machine gun with a healing dart is available for the medic class, and a new weapon called the Zed Eradication Device (ZED, GET IT!?) requires some assembly but packs some firepower and also has a motion tracker so you will feel like you’re in one of the Alien movies.

In true Killing Floor tradition, a slew of new Steam Achievements have been added for the event, and completing ten of these new achievements unlocks the Badass Santa skin for you to play as. There is also a new robotic player skin and golden weapon skins DLC available for purchase.

Killing Floor, while often compared to the likes of Left 4 Dead, is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had playing video games with friends. The game is very light-hearted and filled with great one-liners, while staying incredibly challenging at later waves. There is currently a Tripwire Interactive Bundle on Steam, which nets you Killing Floor and a ton of DLC in addition to the Red Orchestra games, The Ball and Dwarves!? for $14.99. The event only lasts til January 3rd, and that moonbase ain’t gonna clear itself!

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