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[News] Fez is Going to “Other Platforms”


[News] Fez is Going to “Other Platforms”

According to the Polytron’s “State of Polytron” address on their website today, Fez is going to be “ported to other platforms.” Phil Fish, the man who IS Polytron, continued to say,

Yes, i’ve heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me how much of an idiot i am for not porting FEZ to everything.

We also have some exciting plans for the soundtrack, and something about a US branch?

Beyond that however, the future is uncertain for polytron.

It’s just me now. I could do anything with this company, but i dont know what yet.

Fez was so destined to be a PC game. Just by playing it you know it in your heart to be true. iOS and Android would also be obvious destinations for the delightful platformer. Personally, I’m interested to see what Phil can cook up. Despite the controversy surrounding him, he seems like a pretty brilliant guy.

(Source: Polytron Corporation)

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