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[News] Crysis 3 Deveoper Releases First Video in “7 Wonders” Series


[News] Crysis 3 Deveoper Releases First Video in “7 Wonders” Series

Crysis 3 is shaping up to be one of the biggest titles next year and famed developer Crytek has given us a little look behind the newest addition to their gorgeous franchise. The “7 Wonders” series has kicked off with one hell of a video entitled “Hell of a Town” and it is looking fantastic.

For five minutes, you see the main stayed protagonist from the past two games doing what he does best and in futuristic, bloody, goodness. The video does a great job of implementing the stealth, gun play, and environment into one beautifully-choreographed ballet of soldier killing. Do you think the series is headed in a good direction or is this just another copy of its predecessors? The video is linked right hee-uh so give it a look!


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