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[News] Compatibility Update for Guardians of Middle Earth


[News] Compatibility Update for Guardians of Middle Earth

Console MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth got a patch out this week for both consoles in an attempt to fix some of the matchmaking issues. The fix is approximately 202MB on the Xbox 360 and comes with a new Shire map skin for the 3-lane map and introduces the first two DLC characters: Bilbo Baggins and Bert the Troll. With The Hobbit launching in theaters this week, releasing these two characters were a brilliant move.

I’ve had some time to check out the game post-patch and the actual fixes seem to be hit-or-miss. There are still a bunch of lag and disconnect issues, in fact I was just disconnected from a game, but the developers are responding to community concerns and a title update is on the way. It looks like they’re on the right track. I’ve also had some time to play alongside the new DLC characters, and man, Bilbo packs a nasty wallop.


Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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