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[News] Compatibility Update for Guardians of Middle Earth


[News] Compatibility Update for Guardians of Middle Earth

Console MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth got a patch out this week for both consoles in an attempt to fix some of the matchmaking issues. The fix is approximately 202MB on the Xbox 360 and comes with a new Shire map skin for the 3-lane map and introduces the first two DLC characters: Bilbo Baggins and Bert the Troll. With The Hobbit launching in theaters this week, releasing these two characters were a brilliant move.

I’ve had some time to check out the game post-patch and the actual fixes seem to be hit-or-miss. There are still a bunch of lag and disconnect issues, in fact I was just disconnected from a game, but the developers are responding to community concerns and a title update is on the way. It looks like they’re on the right track. I’ve also had some time to play alongside the new DLC characters, and man, Bilbo packs a nasty wallop.

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