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[News] Black Knight Sword Lives! Out Next Week


[News] Black Knight Sword Lives! Out Next Week

A year back Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality (Sine Mora) showed off their second collaboration (the first being Sine Mora) titled, Black Knight Sword. A 2D sidescroller in which you play as the Black Knight out to bring down the evil princess. Yeah, bet you didn’t see that coming.

More than that though, Black Knight Sword has a very interesting aesthetic in that the whole game looks like a paper puppet show with constantly shifting backdrops.

Anyways, there wasn’t much word about this game for quite some time. Quite some time until today that is, because the game now has a release date of December 12th for 1200 MSP for XBLA. Yeah, that’s next week.

No word yet on the PSN release as it will happen on a later date unfortunately.

Now I have a habit of buying anything with the Grasshopper Manufacture logo on it (regardless of developer) so I for one, welcome our new grasshopper overlords.


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