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[News] Mega Man 25th Anniversary Fan Game Demo Released


[News] Mega Man 25th Anniversary Fan Game Demo Released

Right now you are probably sitting down to play Mega Man X Street Fighter. That’s a really good game and if you aren’t playing it, why? It’s free.

Now, if you want to try out a different fan made Mega Man, Team Reaverbot has come to facilitate your need.  Showcasing their demo for the Mega Man 25th Anniversary project they are working on, you can already see some of the care put in to it. While the game only has 1 level and an extra boss battle thrown in, it honestly feels much more Mega Man to me than MM X SF.  The fact that you can actually slide under boss doors is nice and the lack of Mega Buster means they have the levels and enemies tuned to those of us that like to play with a classic styled blue bomber.

There were 2 awesome and free Mega Man games released today.  Pretty fitting tribute for the Rock Man.

Download the Mega Man 25th Anniversary Demo right now!


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