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[Community] Happy Holidays From Twinfinite


[Community] Happy Holidays From Twinfinite

It’s that time of year again where everyone feels mushy and hugs are being given out left and right. The time for smiles, joy, and giving. It’s the time to huddle up in a warm blanket with your favorite game as the snow falls outside (Or in Miami’s case, as the weather doesn’t change whatsoever). Needless to say, it’s my kind of time.

We wanted to take a moment from our regularly scheduled geekery to wish all you Twinfiknights out there a very happy holiday season. Whether you celebrate or not, it’s a good time to recognize others in your life and you’re definitely a part of ours, so hit the jump for a special holiday greeting card made by our PC Editor, Mike! Be sure to click through them; my personal favorite is how horrifying Rex’s looks with just his helm. We’re signing out to get fat with loved ones and reminding you to keep twerking on through the snow!




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