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[Chipfinite] Help Kickstart the Nubuwo Winter Bundle and Support Amazing Chiptunes!


[Chipfinite] Help Kickstart the Nubuwo Winter Bundle and Support Amazing Chiptunes!

A kickstarter was recently brought to my attention called the Nubuwo Winter Bundle. The bundle aims to spread around the latest from the top talents in game music including the chip and nerdcore genres, all while striving for the higher goal of funding a concert DVD. Ultimately if this gets funded, they can produce and distribute FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD, which will feature live performances from, and interviews with, some of the top names in chip music from Japan.

If you recall, this Kickstarter is brought to you by the same person who brought the music of the fan made Mega-Man game Rokko-Chan to a physical 2 disc release. This time around, they aim to bring you the film coverage of an all-night 8-bit festival in Japan called FAMI-MODE.

Now having listened to a few tracks off the FAMI Pack, which features music from the festival, just makes me want to see everything from the event. It’s that amazing. With eleven days to go, this Kickstarter could use some of your help and the rewards, namely loads and loads of music from game composers (FTL, Hotline Miami), Nercore stars like Mega Ran, and Chip musicians (SEXY-SYNTHESIZERS, Professor Sakamoto, and Kplekraft), should be enough for any music fan. Contribute enough and you’ll also get other musical offerings such as the two disc set of the Rokko-Chan OST. There’s over 2 gigabytes of music and over two hundred tracks here for your listening pleasure and any admirer of game music needs to at least give this a look over.

Kickstarter Page

FAMI-MODE 2012 Live Recordings by Various Artists


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