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[Wormlight] LAZA KNITEZ!!


[Wormlight] LAZA KNITEZ!!

[Wormlight is a spotlight feature where we introduce something awesome and explain why it’s worth your time]

I’m a huge sucker for games that take two creative ideas and mash them up in to something original. Its one of those things that tickles me in the right place. LAZA KNITEZ!! happens to be a game that’s doing it right.


The simplest way to explain LAZA KNITEZ!! is that it is a multiplayer Asteroids and Joust mash up with a bunch of interesting power ups. Its an odd combination I’d never have thought of but that sort of concept is what makes the idea so interesting. Currently the game is available for free via Flash or shareware distributables. On November 18th however, the developers behind LAZER KNITEZ!! are going to release it in a pay what you want “XXL Edition.” Here is where those that really enjoy the game will get the most out of it.

Currently, the preview XXL build I’m playing has 3 additional level types added to the one featured in the shareware version. The level types are mostly similar geographic patterns however the new addition of a shadow mode adds a bit more strategy to the game. Basically once you leave the boundaries of play, you reenter as a dark version of your character and can only attack other dark versions. You can enter and leave at any time, and this addition of a new layer reduces the chaos of the traditional battle offering a lot more to those who can manipulate moving from different layers.

The weirdest addition to the XXL Edition is something called “Craziness Mode.” Craziness Mode uses your microphone to adjust the in game speed. Simply talking in the mic increases the pace at which the Knitez move around the field. It’s odd, but is effective in large groups of people.  Especially if said people have a penchant for cursing profanities at you while losing. Getting too loud causes an in game explosion of light and serves no real purpose other than to mess with other players (thus adding to the craziness of it all).

LAZA KNITEZ!! is the first game from University of Copenhagen’s Team Butthurts and is pretty promising for a chaotic multiplayer death match game with an old school feel. Currently they are entered in to IGF’s Student Competition and they are looking to create bar cabinets for US Distribution.

Those of you out there looking to get custom games with their names in it, hit the creators up on twitter.  They are open to bribes and lavish praise.

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