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[News] THQ Faces Bankruptcy or Worse


[News] THQ Faces Bankruptcy or Worse

Famed publisher THQ, known for such franchises like Darksiders and Saints Row is having some financial troubles to say the least. The California-based publisher has been accused of “over-promising and under-delivering” after their big fresh start last year. The loss in over $21 million during the second quarter sales has the publisher backed in a corner where the only logical options are to either get their sales up or be forced into bankruptcy or possibly even selling the business. It’s a little sad to see a company I’ve practically grown up with do so poorly, but with more and more publishers and developers laying off their employees and a poor economy inhibiting sales, it isn’t that surprising, either.

Another bit of upsetting news is that THQ has delayed some big titles, notably South Park: The Stick of Truth and Metro: Last Light. I was thoroughly excited about getting South Park, but with a new release window set for early fiscal 2014, we could see these games as early as April-May 2013. We wish THQ the best of luck as they stay afloat and reject suffering the same fate as others who have had to close their doors over the past couple of years.

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