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[News] Phantom Breaker Still Has No Release Date


[News] Phantom Breaker Still Has No Release Date

If somebody were to list my biggest disappointment for this year, I would honestly say it would be the fact that Phantom Breaker still has no western release. I found the game to be a solid fighter that really focused on simplifying the game for accessibility which in turn opened the game up to more interesting strategies.  Sure we’re not talking about a game that would topple the bigger fighters, but it was at the very least a fun game to play on the side.

I had high hopes for 5pb’s first western title and to see it pass 2012 is kinda shocking to me since it was scheduled for release many months ago.  7Sixty has released an official update via Facebook on what’s going on.

“Phantom Breaker update: First and foremost we apologize for the lack of communication from us in regards to the state of Phantom Breaker. We understand that you are excited to get your hands on the game. There are a number of factors going on behind the scenes that have prevented us from speaking out as to the fate of Phantom Breaker and until all avenues have been explored and all parties involved reached an agreement, the fate is still uncertain as of this time. We are listening and are working hard on finding solutions. Hopefully next post you see will have some answers. Thank you all for your support of the game.”

What we are given here is an apology and a vague idea unfortunately with nothing much to go on.  Hopefully 2013 will be the year Phantom Breaker finally gets to see the light of day and these behind the scenes issues get ironed out.


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