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[News] Origin will be updated to allow easy streaming


[News] Origin will be updated to allow easy streaming

The team behind Origin has announced an interesting update that will hit EA’s gaming application soon. Taking a cue from customer feedback, Origin will feature live direct broadcasting of gameplay to Twitch, as well as allowing users to add non-Origin games to their libraries. This update will make it simple for anyone to see your gameplay and commentary- all you have to do is sign in to and use a simple hotkey. Let’s not forget that with the secondary update to allow the adding of non-Origin games to your library, you can easily stream any game you own using the Origin client.

Origin’s partnership with Twitch is a good sign for the client, as it foreshadows more great updates like these. If this continues, Steam will have itself a formidable competitor, which is no doubt good for consumers and the industry as a whole.

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