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[News] New GTA V Trailer Released: 1 Minute And 51 Seconds Of Greatness


[News] New GTA V Trailer Released: 1 Minute And 51 Seconds Of Greatness


Bask in this one, Twinfiknights. It’s the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V that Rockstar released today! The trailer familiarizes us with the three main protagonists for the next installment of Rockstar’s famous series. We get a few glimpses of their personas and even a couple of names (Franklin and Trevor). It should be interesting to see how their personalities clash throughout the story. The trailer also shows off (to some Stevie Wonder) the different things players can do in GTA games that we would expect are possible again. Stuff like blowing shit up, driving fast cars, hopping off of planes with parachutes, and beating up gangsters. Number one thing I noticed while watching the trailer: No matter what, GTA’s characters will always have crab-like hands. As a big GTA fan, I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait for its “Spring 2013” release on Xbox 360 and PS3. Watch and salivate in the hype.


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