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[News] Minori Places Ef – the Latter Tale On Hold


[News] Minori Places Ef – the Latter Tale On Hold

Earlier today via twitter, MangaGamer revealed that the localization of ef’s second story will be placed on hold for the rest of the year. The team over at minori are currently wrapped up in the Japanese release of Natsuzora no Perseus and that seems to be the deciding factor in halting the work done on ef – the latter tale.  While this is a shame for us westerners, minori has been very hands on with the localizations of their product. I went and asked MangaGamer what the progress so far was on localization, and they only said “everything we can do right now is done. Once minori sends us a build for testing, we can begin beta testing.”

Hopefully this delay should affect only a few months in the release timeline if testing goes well and we can see this maybe some time in 2013.  I’m crossing my fingers for an early summer release.  This game really looks like a good late spring, early summer kinda game.

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