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[News] GTA V Official Details Revealed- Now with three protagonists!


[News] GTA V Official Details Revealed- Now with three protagonists!


IGN released an article today containing officially released details about the latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto series. The most notable tidbit of information would be that the game would have three playable characters. Players will be able to switch between characters “with a single button press, allowing them to see missions from different perspectives”.

Since heists are revealed to be a “big theme in the game”, maybe this unique way of controlling multiple protagonists will really work. An example illustrated in the article shows an example of a heist, where one guy infilrates the building while another covers him with a sniper rifle. Once the heist is completed, another guy comes in and flies in with a getaway helicopter. In this scenario, the player can snipe from afar, break into the building, and fly the helicopter, focusing on one role or doing all three.

It also seems that having three protagonists would not diminish the story, as each character will have their own social circle and backstory. Fans of the series will be happy to know that there will be appearances from characters from GTA IV and Episodes of Liberty City.

Rockstar will release the second trailer for the GTA V November 14th. The game is set to be released Spring 2013.

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