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[News] Far Cry 3 Launch Trailer


[News] Far Cry 3 Launch Trailer

The Far Cry 3 launch trailer was released recently, showing the ridiculous amount of content that will be present in the open-world FPS. In this trailer that might leave you begging for more, we see the interesting premise of the story, which seems more than twice as exciting as your run-of-the-mill single player FPS, the vast array of weapons complemented by a Dishonored-esque combat system, and most importantly, the gameplay. Players will be doing much more than advancing the story- they will be preoccupied with activities like hunting, crafting, capturing territory, and even hang gliding. To hype up the apparent value of this game even more, Far Cry 3 is revealed to have extensive multiplayer, with objective based fights and 4-player co-op.

I think it’s time we can say goodbye to 5-hour FPS campaigns, when we’ve got this game on our hands.

Trailer is below.


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