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[Let’s Play] Revenge of the Titans Weekly Roundup (15,16)


[Let’s Play] Revenge of the Titans Weekly Roundup (15,16)

Welcome back!  In these ELABORATE ACCESSORIES to the RoTT series, I take revenge on the titans (THAT IS LIKE THE TITLE AAHHHHHHHH) after they decided to be jerks last time upon me setting foot on the first garbage moon of garbage Saturn.  After asserting my dominance on the first two levels, they decided they’d had enough and really gave me some trouble.  Was I able to pull through?  Watch and find out!  …But seriously, please watch.  This used to be a hobby I did in my free time, but now Yami and Keith keep me chained in a decrepit basement saying stuff like “Listen Justin… this is about the HITS.  Maybe once you get that through your stupid head we’ll let you out, or at least feed you some soup or something.”  Head over to YouTube to comment, subscribe, and check out our other content!  I would really like some soup; all they’ve given me so far is a banana peel, still-frozen Hot Pockets, and an unmarked envelope of hair.


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