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[Featurama] What Did You Pick Up for Black Friday?


[Featurama] What Did You Pick Up for Black Friday?

Black Friday has come and gone and we’ve survived the long lines and potential stabbings to gorge on the turkey leftovers that are overflowing out of the refrigerator. I’m sure there are some juicy war stories out there, but we brave the onslaught for the deals.  In celebration of great discounts on our favorite hobbies, we reveal to you the great deals we just had to throw our money at this year.  Now if only Cyber Monday weren’t peeking his mischievous head around that corner.

Sound off in the comments about what you splurged on as we gather around and discuss the deals we pulled the trigger on.

This was the first Black Friday I’ve ever seriously shopped for myself, so I certainly splurged. I managed to pick up Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Spec Ops: The Line, Saint’s Row: The Third: The Full Package, Forza Horizon, Assassin’s Creed III, two 1600 Microsoft Points cards, and a 3 month Xbox Live membership. With all of this, I saved over $250, which was an incredible savings, probably better than I would find for most of these games next year.

It’s safe to say I won’t be needing to buy any new games for a while.

As much as I tried to splurge at Walmart and Target, I am just terrible at queuing up.  Long lines with people that smelt something fierce, just didn’t do it for me.  So while I lost out on a cheap telescope, I was able to get plenty of games from Steam.  Starting with the Build-a-Bundle 4, I bought Zombies, Velvet Assassin and Robin Hood which netted me a free copy of Insecticide Episode 1 and the alpha build of Legend of Dungeon.  I also dipped in to the Double Fine Humble Bundle and bought Roogoo and the Sega Genesis game bundle from Amazon for my kid, Zeno Clash for myself and The Walking Dead for the wife.  That last one might have also been a bit for me too.

Following that, I decided to run out and get myself some comics at the local book store.  I got a pair of quarter books for a future It Came From the Quarter Bin, but I did get the chance to pick up the Jordan Mechner Prince of Persia trade for cheap. I’m not a Prince of Persia fan at all, but when you get a creator to help write the comic, I’m super interested.  In total I think I spent just shy of $30 for all this stuff.  My inner cheap bastard is satisfied with that number.

Oddly enough I wasn’t THAT enticed by the deals that Black Friday this year had. I definitely didn’t do the whole “go to Wal-Mart at midnight and get trampled to death thing” so most of my shopping was done online. I bought Dance Central 3 off of Amazon, Spec Ops: The Line off of Green Man Gaming, and The Walking Dead game (again) plus Chilvalry: Medieval Warfare off of Steam.

I thought the Steam sales would get me once again but I’m incredibly mindful of my backlog. Want to avoid breaking your wallet? I suggest putting all the games you really want on your Steam cart, looking at the grand total, breathing, and remember your backlog. That should cut your affluenza short.


Up here in cold, cold Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. By the time Americans are settling in for their turkey and pumpkin pie, up here we are usually spending that time getting our snow tires put on our cars, putting up our Christmas trees, and laughing at Youtube videos of people losing their minds at WalMart on Black Friday.

So yeah, we don’t do Black Friday up here. Don’t feel bad for me though, because what we DO have around these parts is a statue of the world’s largest Ukrainian Sausage. Let’s face it — who needs Black Friday when that kind of entertainment is available?

I haven’t played the Black Friday game in quite some time, so this year I went all out. First off, I snagged the Assassin’s Creed Playstation Vita bundle for a cool 200 dollars along with P4 Golden. I didn’t feel like fighting for a slightly cheaper bundle on Amazon when I had one on reserve for me at Gamestop so I don’t think I lost too much aside from about 23 dollars give or take.

That however was not the best deal of the night. Y’see, Target had a sale in which 1600 MS Points (20 dollars worth) were on sale for half off. I picked up five of those redeemable points so that means I got 8000 (100 dollars) worth of points for 50 bucks.

I have no idea what to do with that many points.

As we leave the horrible memories and smells of Black Friday behind and wait for Cyber Monday to abuse our credit cards one more time, I would like to remind you all to put away the wallet and turn to a loved one and give thanks.  If I recall, that’s really what this weekend was supposed to be about.  I think.


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