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[Wormlight] The ‘Nerd Takes on Some Ghouls… and Ghosts!


[Wormlight] The ‘Nerd Takes on Some Ghouls… and Ghosts!


[Wormlight is a spotlight feature where we introduce someone/something awesome and explain why itʼs worth your time.]

The Angry Video Game Nerd just released his newest video today. James Rolfe, the man behind the ‘Nerd, is a huge fan of Horror movies and Halloween and has Halloween themed AVGN episodes each year. This year the AVGN plays through Ghouls and Ghosts on the NES. I’ve never played Ghouls and Ghosts on NES myself, but as an owner of the SNES version of the game, I can attest to how mindfuckingly difficult the series is.

James has been incredibly busy working on the AVGN Movie, his Monster Madness series for this year as well as various other projects, so he’s gotten a break from producing regular AVGN episodes. Episode 107 came out in July, so it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a new episode. If anything, the infrequency of Nerd episodes only makes me more and more anxious for the movie, but that’s a different topic altogether.

Bottom Line: the AVGN’s hilarious mastery of profanity is enough to brighten the day of any gamer old enough to understand the anger.

(Source: Cinemassacre)

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