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[Review] Fairy Bloom Freesia


[Review] Fairy Bloom Freesia

Fairy Bloom Freesia is a 2.5D beat em up that involves you playing as a fairy that can kick your ass. Trust me, it’s pretty violent in an awesome sort of way. Hit the jump so I can tell you about a game involving the manliest thing that wears a sundress who happens to be a cute fairy girl.



In a forest lives a young fairy named Freesia. She’s the forest’s guardians and can hack away at whatever threatens her woods, usually with a smile on her face. In comes some humans who are searching for an ancient (artifact that just so happens to keep the forest alive and magical) and you’ve set the stage for a showdown between two forces.

Really the story is made via character interactions and dialogue which there is actually a surprising amount of. Along the way you meet various people such as the handsome noble with a thing for cute girls (Not gonna lie, he’s kinda creepy), a beleaguered assistant, and a mysterious rival. There are more but to say would spoil a few details so let me just say that the cast of characters are all varied and brimming with personality.



As for gameplay, Freesia is a surprisingly deep beat em up with upgradeable skills, a wide list of attacks and variations, and a leveling system built on points. Uppercuts, throw downs, magic blasts, and unlockable special attacks makes for one powerful fairy.

I’ve said this with many of the indie games that have been coming out of the Japanese doujin scene, but these small independently developed games are becoming increasingly more intricate. At the same time though the limitations of such endeavors show in that level and enemy variety tend to lack just a bit. There are different areas that you progress through but space is limited to a small radius with the stage more akin to an enclosed arena than a continuous level.

Another thing is that sometimes a battle seems to last forever which can make a person a little stir-crazy from playing in a single area for too long. Luckily there are plenty of bad guys to vent some of that pent up energy.



What the game lacks in expansive levels more than makes up for in visuals. The game is very pretty and running on my HD screen just emphasized how shiny the whole thing was. Is it professional to describe a game as “shiny”? Maybe not but one look at the glossy levels and character models and it’ll leave a pretty big impression.

Additionally the soundtrack is also pretty stellar with an electronic synth vibe mixed with chimes. Imagine if Tinker Bell became a prog rock star and it would probably sound like the soundtrack for this game…but better.

In the end we have a deep combat based game with great characters, visuals, and music. I don’t think we could ask for more out of a game, especially one with such an adorable protagonist.

[Final Breakdown]

[+Plays great][+Looks amazing][+Sounds amazing too][+Great characters][-Could be more varied][-Battles occasionally drag]



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