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[News] World of Warcraft Seemingly Hacked


[News] World of Warcraft Seemingly Hacked


Earlier today the World of Warcraft forums were flooded with a number of topics saying World of Warcraft has been hacked. The video posted above depicts a level one character reigning havoc in Stormwind, instantly killing any player at their whim and causing a ton of confusion to players. The servers were taken down earlier today for a routine server restart, and they are still not back online. There isn’t any official word from Blizzard regarding the hacking, only a post from Nethaera saying:

We are currently experiencing an issue after the performed rolling restarts that is affecting the authentication servers. We are currently investigating this issue and will provide further updates within an hour.

I haven’t really seen any major hacking in WoW, at least not this blatant. Hopefully the account in question is dealt with and the hack is fixed.

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