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[News] NIS America Localizing Denpa Onna, Gives Awesome New Name


[News] NIS America Localizing Denpa Onna, Gives Awesome New Name

NIS America announced recently that they will be bringing SHAFT’s alien (self-proclaimed) girl anime formerly known as Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko in Japan to the states. I say formerly because the localized title is the even more amazing: Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl. Who doesn’t love a David Bowie reference?

The story follows a boy who moves in with his aunt to live in the city. He’s content with his adolescence and assigns points to his everyday activities either negative or positive and grades his life as it happens. One day however, he comes across his aunt’s secret alien (again, self-proclaimed) daughter. What follows is some quirky space adventures, breathtaking animation, and dramatic head tilting.

This US release will be coming in a limited premium edition which will include: A full-color, 36-page hardcover art book that includes character information, illustrations, episode guides, and personal interviews with the cast and staff. Additionally there will be clean opening and endings, as well as the Japanese commercial.

The Blu-ray/DVD premium edition combo pack will cost you $69.99 and will be out January 8, 2013.

This is ground control to psychoelectric girl, you really made the grade~ And the papers want to see you tilt your head~ Now it’s time to leave that futon if you dare~


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