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[News] Nintendo Refuses Paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Leaf


[News] Nintendo Refuses Paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

One would imagine that a game like Animal Crossing: New Leaf  (or any Animal Crossing for that matter) would be the perfect game to milk a one’s cash income by introducing annual, monthly, or event based DLC.

The thought was definitely not lost on Nintendo and in a recent investors meeting, Satoru Iwata brought up this particular topic…and how it will not be a part of the new Animal Crossing game.

“[S]ome might say that it would be unbelievably profitable to provide paid add-on content for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but we were concerned that a game in which you enjoy yourself more by the power of money would not be suitable, and we decided to avoid such a feature after an intensive discussion with the development team.”

I for one sigh a breath of immense relief as I would know that were Nintendo to put in some sort of monetary transaction feature into the new Animal Crossing, I would end up funneling every penny into whatever odd item I could get my hand on.

Poor business sense maybe but I doubt anyone is complaining.

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