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[News] New Information on the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO


[News] New Information on the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO

The more information about the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO is released, the more it seems it will be just like one of the games of the single-player series, except there are other adventurers running around with you.

An article posted today detailed just how similar the two things will be (besides looking very similar, which they do). In the same vein as the “distraction based style of game” based on discovery the series has, the new MMO will have dungeons that are found naturally in the environment, complete with monsters, puzzles, and loot inside. Although this may sound familiar to anyone who has played an MMO, the developers of Elder Scrolls online will stay true to the interactivity that the Elder Scrolls is known for- players will be able to read random books, search many pots, and steal plates with the E button, just like in Skyrim. Not to mention that players will be able to travel to any area of terrain they see, giving the feeling of wanderlustly freedom that fans of the Elder Scrolls love.

PvP in the game will have the same level of interactivity. Siege weapons can be used to give even the most low leveled character some fighting power, and buildings can be damaged or destroyed in Pvp zones.

Is the upcoming MMO’s similarity to the single player Elder Scrolls in gameplay good or bad?

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