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[News] Funimation Announces 2 New Licenses


[News] Funimation Announces 2 New Licenses

Well here are a pair of nice announcements from Funimation.  Mamoru Hosoda’s Wolf Children Ame and Yuki and Shonen Jump’s odd battle manga Toriko have had their anime distribution rights picked up.  Personally I’m more psyched or Ame and Yuki as I am a huge Mamoru Hosoda fan. His work on Summer Wars and the Girl Who Leapt Through Time are stellar and even the Digimon Adventure movie was pretty good.

Toriko on the other hand is an odd little title that should appeal a lot to those fans of One Piece.  It is an insane gourmet based battle anime and if you are that curious about what kind of content it has, Shonen Jump Alpha currently has a free online edition you can read a chapter of.  Toriko is going to have the first DVD release in January with Ame and Yuki planned for later in the year.

In an odd statement, the Funimation Twitter account went out of it’s way to announce that the company “does NOT currently own any licensed rights to Sailor Moon.” That’s unfortunate, but hopefully we’ll hear something about the license in the future.


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