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[News] Call of Duty Elite will be Free


[News] Call of Duty Elite will be Free

Activision has announced yesterday that Call of Duty Elite, a subscription service for Call of Duty players that allows players to track stats, broadcast games, and band into clans, will be made free with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The free version of the service will debut on Xbox360, with the possibility of moving to the Wii U and Playstation Vita. The monthly DLC that would normally come with the membership has been consolidated into four map packs, each selling for $15.

The reason for this decision seems to be that the sales after the release of Modern Warfare 3 weren’t as satisfactory as expected. The free features of Elite is their attempt to “keep our player community more united”, and of course to attract gamers to buy Black Ops II.

Although the change will not allow for free downloadable content, I have to agree with Hirshberg that the now-free service will make Black Ops II a little more than just a run-and-gun shooter, for more people. Despite Activision’s reasons, who would complain about a better service for us?

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