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[Contest Time!] Primal Carnage Beta Keys up for claws. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs!


[Contest Time!] Primal Carnage Beta Keys up for claws. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs!

[UPDATE! Contest done, congrats to all the winners!]

You may have heard about how much we adore this game. It plays like a team deathmatch essentially with one team being humans and the other being dinosaurs. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “those humans are screwed.” But surprisingly enough it’s all perfectly balanced. There are five classes for each side. The humans have a flame thrower user, a sniper, a shotgun wielder, a machine gun nut, and a pistol shooter. They’re capable of using other abilities (the best is the dual pistol wielder’s net trap) to stop the dinosaurs from eating them whole. Dinosaurs on the other hand have a flyer, a charger, a stealth class, a small annoying support one, and finally the big honcho (a T-Rex, yes!).

Now that I’ve given you the rundown, we’ve got 25 beta keys for this indie gem courtesy of Lukewarm Media. It’s really fun and we’ve been streaming it every night since we got into the closed beta. Sometimes even with the developers themselves, which just goes to show how much is going into it as you can play with them and ask them questions yourself. To win a code all you have to do is comment here or follow and tweet at us saying which dinosaur class would, in modern day life, survive longest. I know you might wanna jump to T-Rex immediately, but think about it. Winners will be chosen tomorrow (10/9/2012) and if you don’t win, DON’T PANIC! Our streamers will be giving away copies while livestreaming it as well, so be sure to subscribe to us on Twitch!

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