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[Charity] Extra Life Raffle List Exposed (UPDATE)


[Charity] Extra Life Raffle List Exposed (UPDATE)

(Updated with more prizes!)

We’ve made the announcement, now is the time to talk about the items you can win for donating to Extra Life.  As you all know, you have the chance to win an Xbox 360.  I think that rewarding charity with big incentives is only fair.   However, the list grows even longer for games given away.  Keep up to date with our progress throughout the day at our Extra Life team page.

First, big thanks to Roppy Chop Studios, 5th Cell, Fruit Bat Factory, Runic Games, Ratloop Asia, Trendy Entertainment, Indie Royale, Bethesda and Lukewarm Media. These developers stepped up and donated some games/prizes for us to raffle and we can’t thank them enough.

Now, the master list is as follows:

  • War of the Human Tanks (Gamersgate Code X3) generously donated by Fruit Bat Factory
  • Hybrid (Xbox 360 Codes X11) generously donated by 5th Cell
  • Rekoil (10 T-Shirts and 10 Beta Keys) generously donated by Plastic Piranha
  • Torchlight 2 (Steam Code X5) generously donated by Runic Games and Perfect World Entertainment
  • Roppy Chop Collection (3 Xbox Games) generously donated by Roppy Chop Studios
  • Primal Carnage Beta codes (a lot of them) generously donated by Lukewarm Media
  • Dungeon Defenders (3 Steam Codes) generously donated by Trendy Entertainment
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (2 Steam Codes) generously donated by Ratloop Asia
  • Ravaged (2 Steam Codes) generously donated by 2 Dawn Games
  • Indie Royale Bundle (7 Gift Codes) generously donated by Indie Royale
  • Manga Game Bundle (3 DRM Free Games X2)
  • Dustforce (Steam Code X2)
  • Bundle in a Box (Gift Code)
  • Minecraft Skin Pack 3 (Xbox DLC Code)
  • Sanctum (Steam Code)
  • World of Goo (Steam Code)
  • Hitman Collection (Steam Code)
  • Broken Sword Collection (Steam Codes)
  • Space Giraffe (Steam Code)
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution + Missing Link (Steam Code X2)
  • Just Cause (Steam Code X2)
  • Just Cause 2 (Steam Code X2)
  • Quantum Conundrum (Steam Code X2)
  • Hitman: Blood Money (Steam Code X2)
  • Supreme Commander 2 (Steam Code X2)
  • The Last Remnant (Steam Code)
  • Alien Breed 2 and 3 (Steam Codes)
  • Battlegroup (Desura Code X2)
  • Worms Crazy Golf Fun Pack (Steam Codes)
  • Saints Row 3 (Steam Code)
  • F.3.A.R (Steam Code)
  • Half-Life 2 (Steam Code)
  • Dead Space 2 (Steam Code)
  • The Longest Journey (Steam Code)
  • Escape Goat (Desura Code)
  • Dark Scavenger (Desura Code)
  • The Wreckless (Desura Code)
  • Vessel, Torchlight, Rochard, Shatter and S.P.A.Z. (Steam Code X2)
  • Wizorb, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown and Bit.Trip Runner (Steam Code X2)
  • Bethesda Dishonored Swag Bag (includes paper mask signed by the studio, Dishonored shirts (M – XXXL), paper speaker set x2, paper Corvo Attano WANTED poster), US-only, donated by Bethesda Softworks
  • Battlefield 3 Premium (Xbox Code X3, PS3 Code X3) generously donated by Preview2Review
  • Civilization V (Steam code) generously donated by community member Travis Weadock

And don’t forget, this Xbox 360 with a 320gb hard drive (UPDATE: A good friend at Reverb Publishing donated Michael Phelps, Twister Mania, Zumba Fitness, Best of Rocky & Bullwinkle Vol. 1, and Gardening Mama DS to our 360 Prize Package):

So you might be asking yourself numerous questions like how to win yourself an Xbox and my god aren’t you overcompensating?

Well, here’s a little guide for you:

How to donate and enter the raffle:

Click on the link below:

Donate to help Sick Kids

Fill out all your information and the amount you want to donate. Even if you can only spare a few bucks, we will gladly accept it and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Next, make sure to check the little box that says “Allow participant to see my e-mail address”

This allows me to track who donated so I can enter you in to the raffle. You can choose to donate anonymously, but that means I won’t know who you are and I can’t enter you in to the raffle.  I have too many games. Make sure to remember to click that button. Note that only one donation will count in the raffle so don’t try and flood it with a million small donations.  Donate what you can and we’ll enter you.  For anybody trying to be funny, I’m going to personally look at all donations so if you donate a penny I’m going to frown a bit.

When does Extra Life happen?

From October 20th at 11AM EST through to October 21st at 11AM EST, we will be gaming. We’ll have a more up to date schedule by Friday.

Want to watch us play?

Many from the staff will be taking turns playing on our Twitch channel throughout the event.  Come keep us company!

When will the raffle take place?

Since we’re going to be streaming during the event, we’ll be drawing codes to give away through the entirety.  We’ll make announcements on the twitch stream, but if you want a chance to win the most prizes be sure donate early.  We are finalizing the stream schedule right now, but we’ll be giving away prizes hourly.  The Xbox 360 will be raffled on Sunday since we have to take in to account everyone that donated here and during G3.

Want a specific game?

There is a comment box where you can write anything you want.  Put your preferred system, game or any other relevant information you think will get you a prize in to the comment box.  Not saying you are guaranteed the game, but we have a lot of prizes to hand out.

Any stipulations for winners?

If you win a game and don’t want it for whatever reason, tough.  It’s yours.  Don’t try and give it back.  Instead give the game to a friend or find some other way to unload it.  We got these codes as a reward. Your code will be sent out in an email within a day or two of winning.  If you never receive the email, then check your spam folders.  We are emailing them to the email used copy paste, so just make sure you typed it in correctly.  This is our way of thanking you for donating.

The Xbox 360 will be shipped out to the winner in the United States free of charge.  If the winner lives elsewhere, you will need to cover shipping.   Sorry, but this is coming out of my pocket and my pockets aren’t very deep.  Also, if I don’t get any response from the winner within 30 days after the event, the console is being turned in to one of the many game stores around me and I’m donating whatever I get back to Children’s Miracle Network.  I would hate to do that, but I am not going to be sitting on a perfectly good Xbox come Christmas time.  Please check your emails so you get it instead of Gamestop.

Where are the donations going?

Children’s Miracle Network has set up an international grant for the 170 hospitals they run around the world.  We at Twinfinite think that sick kids around the world need all the help they can get. If this is able to buy some extra tongue depressors or reduces the down payment of a new CT machine, it’s going to help those families that need it.  Anything we can do to help raise the standard of care is important to us and that’s why we are doing this.

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