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[Contest Time!] Win A Ravaged Beta Code Courtesy Of Reverb


[Contest Time!] Win A Ravaged Beta Code Courtesy Of Reverb


Divert yourself away from our (awesome) Steam Game Giveaway for a minute, I have something good for you guys. Reverb Publishing was kind enough to provide us 100 Steam codes for the Ravaged beta. For those that don’t know what Ravaged is, it’s a post apocalyptic PC shooter by 2Dawn Games that was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in May. There are vehicles (helicopters, yes!), mayhem, and plenty of big guns as seen in the above trailer. Currently in closed beta, you can have a chance to play through this fun gem before its official release. I’ll make this one as convenient as possible for you guys. Sign up to the site, like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter first. Then, simply leave a comment or mention on your choice of the three communication platforms letting us know the first thing you would do in a post apocalyptic world. Best 100 answers we get will each receive a Steam key to unlock the beta. Reach us everywhere, get creative! Contest ends Thursday at 8:00 PM EST. What do we say, kids? Thaaaaanks Reeeeeverrrrrrb!


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