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[TSFT PreGame] Episode #34: Familiar Faces and Places


[TSFT PreGame] Episode #34: Familiar Faces and Places

This PreGame may seem just a smidgen of familiarity, but have no fear, as it is exactly the same! You aren’t crazy! Weeks back I forgot to record our entire discussion, and after a scolding and crying myself to sleep, I decided it was time to reprise this discussion, as it was a great one.

So taking a look at Christopher Hadlock’s article on bad parenting, I thought it would make an excellent discussion point. So here we are now folks, week 30 of the TSFT Podcast. You can send in your questions, comments, and concerns by either tweeting @Twinfinite, writing on our wall on our Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time page on Facebook, or commenting below! It’s way too easy. Each good question will be answered on the air by our astute panel of members.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and you can catch it Wednesday night, around 10 pm est.

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