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[Review] Eryi’s Action


[Review] Eryi’s Action

Eryi’s Action is billed as a platformer with a punishing difficulty. Now, where have we hard that before? Modeled after games like I Wanna Be The Guy and others, Eryi’s Action is another of those platformers designed to create a feeling of absolute hatred towards one’s own controller. Hit the jump for the full review.

The plot is as follows: Eryi was saving a delicious melon for her to eat before it gets stolen by the evil Farta. That’s pretty much it, but it’s enough to set off our little heroine into the wild for her prize. The story isn’t all that important, which holds especially true for the platformer genre. Rather, it’s the creativity in level design that should be the focus of this review and it’s one that I have much to say about. Eryi’s Action is a traditional side-scrolling 2D platformer through and through. Jumping from ledge to ledge and avoiding sharp spikes you get the drill. It’s when those sharp spikes randomly elevate towards you that you’ll realize what sort of game you’re playing.

804. That’s the number of times I died in my playthrough of the game. I know because the game took score for me and refused to let me forget. It’s when the monsters began jumping towards you even after you jumped over them, or when invisible blocks suddenly appear trapping you in a den of spikes that I realized that the game will literally throw everything it has into killing you. Let’s be clear, the game will resort to dirty tactics. See, the platforming part of the game is all there and well. Jumps are manageable, traps are maneuverable, it’s when blocks below your feet disappear for no apparent reason or when monsters appear out of nowhere that you realize that the first rule of Eryi’s Action, is that you’re never really sure of anything.

It’s unfair, yeah, but it’s funny as hell.



I think my first laugh out loud moment was while walking under a windmill. The propellers fell on me as I progressed. So I took the alternative route instead. Rather than walk under the windmill, I jumped over it using the platforms nearby. The propeller followed me and killed me after I landed. I don’t want to give away anymore, but the game has a tendency to kill you in very surprising ways and still make you laugh for its sheer absurdity. I can’t decide whether or not Eryi’s Action wants to be a platformer or a comedy game with the way I laughed throughout the whole ordeal.

Like I said before, Eryi’s Action is a true platformer in its own right. It doesn’t just rely on the gimmicks to make up for level design because even if you discover the traps, that doesn’t stop you from running into them again, and again, and again. It takes a certain puzzle oriented mind to overcome them. In fact, the game expects you die on your first encounter with a new trap and then it becomes part of the level. The trap is still there and it still needs to be cleared, but all of a sudden, a very simple level has suddenly become a very complicated deathtrap to out-maneuver. There’s also a lot of surprises with boss battles turning into races, or even this little gem of a moment:



I never knew what to expect while playing Eryi’s Action which was great because the game never became boring. It became infuriating, sure, but it kept me on my toes. Even after I thought I had seen everything, something new always appeared to surprise me. And then probably kill me afterwards. If you want a platformer with brutal difficulty, there’s no reason to pass over this game. If you want a charming gem of a game with an adorable heroine that will absolutely make you smile, you need to buy Eryi’s Action.


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