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[PAX] The Violence Descends in Injustice: Gods Among Us


[PAX] The Violence Descends in Injustice: Gods Among Us

I watched the movies, the cartoons, and played the games but I never really got into the DC comics. Still I’d like to think years of other media interpretations have prepared me to suitably write about the upcoming DC fighting game Injustice: Gods of Among Us. Developed by NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat). Beyond the jump you will find a preview of titans clashing.

If you’ve played NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat then Injustice won’t feel too unfamiliar. What I want to talk about (write about) today is the “interactables” that was shown off at the PAX demo. NetherRealms is marketing this new feature quite heavily and though it doesn’t add a whole lot of depth to the combat, it’s incredibly kickass to watch.

In this demo, Superman and Nightwing are duking it out for supremacy and amidst the wreckage lies a car. Oh, this humble little sedan, a small part of the scenery, but in the hands of Superman, it is a tool of mayhem! Oh, to see Superman lift up the wrecked car over his head and bring it down on Nightwing is truly a sight to behold. Similarly, Nightwing can also use this now further ruined car, but unlike Superman Nightwing can’t lift a car over his head and fling it (to my knowledge). Instead, the acrobatic former boy wonder can use the car as a sort of makeshift pall-vault and fling himself at Superman with its leverage. This was shown off as part of their demo, next I’ll explain what it was like when I got some hands on time.

I played with a fellow journalist in the Bat Cave. I chose Harley Quinn and he chose Solomon Grundy. Immediately our guide began to point out the myriad of “interactables” in the bat cave we could use at our disposal. The Bat Cave we were told is a more heavy on interaction type of level seeing as though it belongs to the gadgateer Batman himself. Buttons that fire missiles, loose wires that act as electrical fences and breakable walls that hide secrets and can send opponents flying to entirely new areas, doubling the size of each level.

Injustice is going to be a fun game, that much is certain. If you’re a DC fan, then it’s pretty much fanservice to the highest degree. All in all if you want another Mortal Kombat type fare of big action but with DC characters, then look forward to Injustice: Gods Among Us.


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