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[PAX] My Slow War With Tim Schafer (Shitty Gallery Post)


[PAX] My Slow War With Tim Schafer (Shitty Gallery Post)

This post is mainly just designed to chronicle the two times I’ve met Tim Schafer (founder of Double Fine Productions) at gaming conventions. He is a terrific guy, and even had the heart to approach me when he saw me awkwardly standing near him. He also makes cool adventure games. It’s important to note that this post is completely reflective of the quality of all posts on our site.



The first picture was his idea (after I asked him for a high-five picture); what an awesome dude. Anyway, thanks for reading my shitty gallery post! Do you like how I crammed some extra pictures in there, just so this wouldn’t feel like a total waste of time? If you’re feeling sassy, enter our third of four big weekly Steam game giveaways and hook yo’ self up with one of ten games (the odds of winning aren’t bad at the moment)!


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