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[PAX] Forced to Play Nintendo Land


[PAX] Forced to Play Nintendo Land

Let me just preface this by saying I didn’t want to play this at all. The nunchuck was pretty much thrown into my hand by the guy working the Nintendo booth. I had no idea what Nintendo Land even was until playing this game with Yami and Matt. It was…an experience. Of the two minigames that were available to us, we chose to play the one based on Luigi’s Mansion. Hit the jump for what was a thing that we did.

We played a game mode called Haunting Hijinks. The person with the Wii U Gamepad played as a ghost who was trying to get the other players. That person used the screen on the Gamepad to float around invisibly. Everyone who had a nunchuck was dressed like Luigi and had a flashlight that they used to find the ghost. The battery of the flashlight died the more you used it but there were batteries all over the map to help combat this. The ghost hunters had to flash a light on the ghost until his “health” reached zero. The ghost had to avoid the lights and scare all four hunters to win. If the ghost scared one of the hunters, the rest could come and help him up, but this leads them vulnerable to the ghost’s attack. The only way a player could tell a ghost was coming is by the vibrations the controller gives off. The ghost won the first game we played because we weren’t working together to find him. In the next game we stayed close to each other and managed to beat him.

That was literally it.


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