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[PAX] Best of Show: The Awards for the Best Things at the Show!


[PAX] Best of Show: The Awards for the Best Things at the Show!


At Twinfinite’s first-ever appearance at PAX Prime this weekend, we all saw dozens of excellent games, but some of them really stood out: the Best of Show. They’re what I would describe as “the best things that we saw at the show.” We may have been a bit over-zealous with our amount of awards, but we genuinely love giving awards to great games. Hit the jump to see our favorite things at the show!

[Best of Platform]

Best PC Game: Sim City

Best PS3 Game: Last of Us

Best 360 Game: Halo 4

Best Vita Game: Persona 4: Golden

Best 3DS Game: Luigi’s Mansion 2

Best XBLA: Super Time Force

Best PSN: Retro City Rampage

Best Downloadable: Walking Dead

[Best of Genre]

Best Multiplayer: Primal Carnage

Best Strategy: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Best Shooter: Borderlands 2

Best Action: Dishonored

Best Indie: Guacamelee

Best MMORPG: RaiderZ

Best Platformer: Rayman Legends

Best Horror: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Best Beat-Em-Up: Double Dragon Neon

Best Adventure: Last of Us

Best Sports: FIFA ’13

Best Racing: Forza Horizon

Best Rhythm: Rock Band Blitz

Best Fighting: Sony All-Stars: Battle Royale

Best RPG: Persona 4: Golden

[General Acclaim]

Most Unique: Spy Party

Best Graphics: Far Cry 3

[Slightly Silly]

Best Hair: Far Cry 3

Best Use of Dubstep: Borderlands 2

Best Dinosaurs: Primal Carnage

Most Dinosaurs: Primal Carnage


We’d like to thank everyone who showed us these awesome games at the show. We’d also like to thank both the PR representatives and the developers who stuck our stickers on our both or otherwise displayed them. You were all very kind to us and the reactions some of you gave us made all of this hard work worth it.


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