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[PAX ] Hands-On With Rekoil


[PAX ] Hands-On With Rekoil

Whenever a genre becomes over-saturated with the same ideas, the monotony leads to boredom. The boredom soon gives way to discontent and discontent will ultimately lead to innovation. This is a trajectory that can be seen with all the tired genres of the past given new life. There are always those who are willing to work and save the things that they love that have fallen to decay. Hit the jump for REKOIL

This is the idea behind REKOIL, Plastic Piranhas’ attempt to bring back a more purist perspective on the competitive first person shooter. This means no napalms, ordinance, etc. It’s just you, your guns, your enemy, and their guns. When the focus is shift from kill streaks to victory, there’s a certain weight that is lifted and it does indeed bring back a time of purer competition. Of course, stripping away features that are now customary in modern shooters means that the base elements have that much more to prove. One can’t just remove elements and rely on what’s left. However we wouldn’t be writing about REKOIL if we believed it to be a weak title. In short the game plays wonderfully. Gun controls are tight, stats are balanced, and skill is rewarded accordingly.

This may not be not enough to take down the juggernaut that is Call of Duty, but fans of shooters can expect to find a truly rewarding experience that is executed with a razor precision. A PC exclusive, REKOIL will support all manners of mod tools and customization along with additional map packs and all manner of goods that makes the PC community proud to be who they are.

Simple, clean, effective; three words that seem to drive the philosophy behind REKOIL and it works.

Rekoil is currently on Steam Greenlight waiting for your approval.


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