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[News] Japanese Wii U to Cost $335 & $400


[News] Japanese Wii U to Cost $335 & $400

It looks like the cat is out of the bag: the Wii U will be coming out on December 8 of this year in Japan. Like the other current gen consoles, the Wii U will be available in different bundles. The basic bundle will cost ¥26,250 and will come with 8GB of flash storage. The premium console will cost ¥31500 and come with 32GB of storage.

These seem like low numbers, but what people aren’t considering is that this is flash storage. This isn’t needle-on-disk technology that we’ve had for decades. This Solid State Drive tech will make loading anything on those drives lightning fast. At least in theory. Also keep in mind that the 360 launched with a 20GB old school HDD and the PS3 had a 20GB option as well.

While the two packages price around $335 & $400, its important to just use these numbers as a guide. The Wii U tablet controller is listed at ¥13,400 which is over $170 at this point. This doesn’t necessarily translate into what the American prices will be; we will need to wait for the American announcement for confirmation. But damn, that controller turned out to be more pricey than I thought it would.

(Source: Destructoid)

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