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[News] Steam Requiring Donation for Project Greenlight Submissions


[News] Steam Requiring Donation for Project Greenlight Submissions

Well this is an odd little addition for Project Greenlight.  In an attempt to weed out junk submissions (looking at you Half-Life 3 submission), Valve has implemented a fee of $100 to each game that submitted.  The proceeds of the fee go to Child’s Play charities, so that’s good for philanthropy.  However, this is a huge misstep in my opinion.

First is the fact that these games aren’t guaranteed to get on Steam.  These devs are essentially hoping that Valve will pick their project up.  For those smaller devs that have to struggle to make games and pay bills, this is a huge commitment.

More importantly, the entire process of this Greenlight experiment was to have the community weed out the garbage.  We as a mass of people were in charge of reporting bad links, supporting good games, and down voting garbage.  I know the thought is still here with the charitable contribution, but I think this is just a step in the wrong direction.  Of course $100 isn’t a lot, but it’s a wall to put in front of developers and that’s never a good thing.  XBLIG has a $100 fee but that ensures the game is on the system pending approval from the community.

Along with this announcement is an update that has changed the layout of the games. It’s better, I guess.  Though I had to figure out where all the games were as apparently it boots up with the 12 most popular games to vote on.


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