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[News] Rockman Xover TGS Trailer Recycles Loads of Artwork


[News] Rockman Xover TGS Trailer Recycles Loads of Artwork


Oh ho ho, this is goooooooooooooooood.


Capcom just uploaded the very first trailer for Rockman Xover, a social RPG for the iOS, and it seems they’re pretty eager to make a grand 25th anniversary celebration out of it. At least, that’s the impression I get from all this old artwork:

Let’s get a head count: three Classic Mega Mans, three Xs, and two each from Battle Network, Star Force, and ZX. I guess they decided a red Mega Man would’ve thrown the whole thing off. Either that, or our NEW HERO won’t be swinging any sabers in this game. I’m not terribly heartbroken about it.

In this trailer we catch a glimpse of the Battle Chip system this game is featuring, which, as you can see below, is also sporting a bunch of old official artwork.

It appears as if the cards will be influencing your hit points, attack, defense, and something called “CST”, which I’m guessing is an alias for the traditional RPG magic points. I wonder if there will be more abilities you can spend CST on besides just the standard Giga Attack. I’m guessing “Yes”, based on those cryptic silhouettes of what look like armors or forms for Over-1. Whenever and however you get those, the card combination also changes your Over model’s color scheme.

Not much else to report. It’s interesting how much this trailer (and even the game itself!) just shamelessly recycles content from older, better videogames; yes, that includes the more contemporary X games. You gotta love how the trailer also starts with the boss intro from Mega Man X, serving as yet another affirmation of the fact that this game wishes it was Mega Man X. The only new artwork this game seems to be sporting is Over-1, which most people seem to like from what I’ve been reading. To me, he looks cool, but he might as well be an armor for X that brings him one step closer to looking like Casshern.

I’m expecting the new forms/armors/whatever will capitalize well on the one barely original piece of this game. Mr. Claws on the left there is looking pretty rad; Sigma from Mega Man X2 would be proud.

Sources: The Mega Man Network, Rockman Corner


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