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[News] Project X Zone TGS Gameplay Tempts Me to Import


[News] Project X Zone TGS Gameplay Tempts Me to Import


Looks like Namco Bandai is kicking off the TGS 2012 party early with this new juicy demo footage of Project X Zone. I’m truly tempted to import a Japanese 3DS and a limited first-press edition of the game just to be among the first to enjoy the privilege of playing (and reviewing) it. Life’s too short, baby, gotta live it up!

But before you live it up you should weigh your situation, save up cash, pay your bills, don’t drive drunk, don’t forget to call your folks and do you’re homework or you’ll be hosed GOT IT? Great! Stay fierce Twinfits.


You know what this game reminds me of? Breath of Fire III, one of my favorite childhood RPGs and beloved Capcom titles. Actually this game reminds me more of Final Fantasy Tactics, another great (tactical) RPG, but the way the camera moves and pans around reminds me more of the former. Makes me wonder where and when Capcom will decide to pimp their proprietary Dragon Man if not here and now with Project X Zone, but ah, you can only have so much. I’m pretty happy with Capcom’s Mega Man headliners, along with Devilotte and company.


Anyways, bringing down my broiling optimism for a moment, I suspect there may be too much dialogue and voice acting interrupting the game flow. However, this could be spread out just well enough for me to enjoy the meat of the game’s action without the narrative gravy overpowering it, so I could be wrong. If anyone’s played Namco x Capcom and wants to gives their impressions on the talk-to-fight ratio, feel free to leave a comment below, assuming anyone’s even reading this. I don’t care, I’ll keep writing until I’m good and done.


On that note, let me just finish by saying that I love how cool it looks to use X and Zero, but mostly X. In a sea of mostly bisho characters dual-wielding magic and absurd stabbing-and-cutting implements, it’s so refreshing to see such love and thought put into a largely basic jump-and-shoot character, especially after I’ve seen people swear up-and-down that jump and shoot characters don’t fit well in fighting game contexts or can’t compete with melee characters. If you’re detecting a faint whiff of bitterness over X getting snubbed in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, then your finely-tuned Internet Smell-o-Matic 7800 is functioning perfectly! You should really get to patenting it before someone else does. Quick! Time is money.

Source: The Mega Man Network

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