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[News] NBA Live 13 Gets Cut Before Ever Warming Up


[News] NBA Live 13 Gets Cut Before Ever Warming Up

Those waiting for the newest entry in the NBA Live series from EA have to wait another year to get their fix. EA announced today that they are cancelling the game’s release. In a post on the NBA Live website, EA Sports executive vice president Andrew Wilson wrote:

“I’m disappointed that we have not yet met our high expectations with NBA LIVE, but I remain motivated about where we’re going. We’re committed to delivering new innovation in online, and our progress in the visual presentation of the game continues to take big strides. We also know that a great game starts with great gameplay, and this remains a huge priority for us.”

I’m glad that EA isn’t rushing out a subpar product. I’ve gone on record before as saying Live 05 was my favorite basketball game ever. As amazing as the 2K series is, there was something arcade-y about the Live series that just made it more fun to play for me as a kid. Hopefully, this gives EA Tiburon a chance to come back strong next year, but the fact that the last game to come out in this series was NBA Live 10 isn’t reassuring for an already struggling brand.

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